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Disease Reporting and Control

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Infection Control

Diseases that Must be Reported

Clinicians are legally required to report specific diseases to the San Francisco Department of Public Health. See the list of reportable diseases and learn why it is important to report.


Infection Control

In health care settings, infection control practices are critical to reduce the transmission of infections from one person to another.

Contact Us to Report a Disease

San Francisco maintains a 24/7 telephone reporting line to respond to clinician disease reports. Other numbers are also available for public reporting.

Disease Control Projects

Learn about San Francisco activities to monitor, prevent, and control the spread of disease in San Francisco.

Infect Me Not Campaign

The Infect Me Not campaign introduces San Franciscans to healthy habits that prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases.

Public Health Laboratory

Information on test collection and submission guidelines for submitting specimens to the San Francisco Public Health Laboratory for testing.
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