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We prevent the spread of disease in San Francisco by investigating cases and outbreaks, promoting vaccination, and planning for infectious disease emergencies.

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Pregnant Women Need Pertussis Vaccine!


California experienced a pertussis (whooping cough) epidemic in 2014 with over 11,000 cases reported across the state. As of April 20th, 1,674 cases have already been reported in 2015. San Francisco is also seeing an increase in pertussis cases. Pertussis is a very contagious disease, caused by bacteria. People of all ages can get pertussis, but babies are most in danger of having problems from it.

All pregnant women should get a pertussis vaccine, called Tdap during each pregnancy. Tdap vaccine is safe for you and your baby. Some of the protection you get from Tdap during pregnancy passes to your baby. This will help protect your baby until he or she is old enough to get the first pertussis vaccine at 2 months of age. If you are pregnant, talk with your medical provider about pertussis vaccine. Learn more about how to prevent pertussis.

Medical providers: read the latest SFDPH Pertussis Health Update and CDPH Pertussis Summary Report


Increase in Shigella Infections


San Francisco is experiencing an increase in cases of shigella infection. For more information:

Medical providers: Review the SFDPH Shigella Health Advisory dated December 22, 2014


Promoting Healthier International Travel


Many travelers head overseas without the protection of effective vaccines or medications to prevent common, debilitating, and life-threatening diseases such as malaria and viral hepatitis. The San Francisco Department of Public Health encourages international travelers to visit a travel medicine specialist prior to departure. 

If your health system does not offer a travel medicine specialist, the AITC Immunization & Travel Clinic is open to the public.




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