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AITC Services

  • TB testing - skin testing or Quantiferon blood testing.
  • Blood testing - check immunity to measles, chickenpox, other diseases.  Screen for hepatitis B or C.
  • Business services - Flu vaccination, TB testing, travel vaccinations, and more, at AITC or on-location at your place of business.


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On Tuesday, February 2nd 2016, the clinic is only open from 10:30am-3pm.

Prevnar13 and Pneumovax23 pneumococcal vaccines are fully stocked at AITC.  Recommended for all adults age 65 and up, and for younger adults with certain medical conditions. Protects against Strep pneumoniae infection, an important cause of pneumonia and sepsis.  Ask us about low-cost Prevnar13 (just $26) or read more.


Blue Shield of California PPO members:  When you see us for an international travel health visit or for a rabies exposure, AITC can bill your PPO plan.  More info


Monkey bite?  Bat exposure?  Need rabies shots, or not sure?  Call us!   As part of the SF Dept. Public Health, Section on Communicable Disease, we have the knowledge and resources to evaluate potential rabies exposures and determine next steps.  We administer human rabies immune globulin (HRIG) and rabies vaccines when needed, carefully following CDC protocol, and we do this at costs well below hospitals and without the long wait.  Plus, if you have Blue Cross PPO or Blue Shield PPO we can bill your insurer.


Meningococcal serogroup B vaccine (Bexsero) is now available at AITC.  This is a newer vaccine is recommended for persons at least 10 years of age who are at increased risk for Meningococcal disease. Two shots are required; the second is given at least 1 month after the first.  Check our price and CDC recommendations.


Welcome all Medicare beneficiaries! AITC is not a Medicare provider but can now serve all Medicare beneficiaries on a fee-for-service basis via private contract.  More info


Persons with no insurance, or with insurance that does not cover the vaccine you need:  Check here for current low-cost vaccine pricing. 

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